Patrick Witz : Exceptional Visual Artist







Patrick Witz

Patrick Witz : Exceptional Visual Artist

Meadow Vista, CA


Patrick Witz is an Accomplished Eclectic Photographer, Published Freelance Writer, Author, Artist, and Teacher.

Patrick was born and raised in Southern California. He moved his family to the Northern California foothills to live among the trees, wild animals, and picturesque landscapes. Pat has been involved with photography since goofing-off in his first High School photography class. He started with a used 35mm Minolta camera, wore out a few more new 35mm cameras, and slowly progressed into digital. His love of photography is evident in the volumes of photos seemingly documenting everything on film in the past and digitally today. Pat’s camera is always nearby, as his wife and daughters can both happily and sadly corroborate, “MOM… dad’s taking pictures AGAIN!”

His photos include…birth through weddings, children, still life, scenery, close-up, wild life, insects, birds, plants, are happy, sad, interesting, scary, unique, humorous, colorful, inspiring… a virtual bounty of beautiful photographs that capture and illuminate specific instances in time. Today, with somewhere near umpteen-thousand digital photos overwhelming his computer, Pat now acknowledges he is thoroughly relishing the multitude of artistic advantages within the digital and mixed media world.

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Patrick is as well an exceptional published writer. His freelance and travel writings titillate the senses through creative, humorous, colorful, and emotional prose in several California foothill community magazines and newspapers. Even though Pat continues his artistic ventures into new-age digital photography, he still enjoys the ancient medium of pigmented oil painting. His oil paintings are skillfully crafted and visually spectacular. And he still teachs!

To contact Patrick for additional information, questions, discounts, and quantity purchases, please send a detailed e-mail to Please enjoy and share his artistic endeavors with others.

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Through Button Eyes by Patrick Witz


Buy From Living Author by Patrick Witz


Dam Rainbow by Patrick Witz


Fall Into Winter by Patrick Witz


Autumn Moon by Patrick Witz


Eerie Light of an Eclipsed Super-Moon by Patrick Witz


Pinecone Pile by Patrick Witz


Sugar Pine Lake by Patrick Witz


Pinecone by Patrick Witz


Damn Sprinklers by Patrick Witz


Carousel Equine by Patrick Witz


Dragonfly by Patrick Witz


Sea of Blooming Daisies by Patrick Witz


Swimming Mushroom by Patrick Witz


Graceful Jelly Race - Panorama by Patrick Witz


Skull Face the Dragonfly by Patrick Witz


Monterey Coast by Patrick Witz


Seafood Landing by Patrick Witz


Alien Jelly by Patrick Witz


Spotted Fawn by Patrick Witz


Gorgeous Garden by Patrick Witz


Brushed Calla Lily Art by Patrick Witz


Misty Red Red Rose by Patrick Witz


One Among Thousands by Patrick Witz


Leaders of the Pack by Patrick Witz


Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly by Patrick Witz


Dragon-iguana-sauras by Patrick Witz


Dam Waterfall by Patrick Witz


California Poppies by Patrick Witz


Are You My Mommy by Patrick Witz


Thirsty Butterflies by Patrick Witz


Dolphins by Patrick Witz


Pelican Quandary by Patrick Witz


Sand Creation by Patrick Witz


Window To Another World by Patrick Witz


Flamboyant Orange Cannas by Patrick Witz


Late Autumn Light by Patrick Witz


Fairy Stream by Patrick Witz


Overgrown by Patrick Witz


Posted Pinecone by Patrick Witz


Sugar Pine Lake Trail by Patrick Witz


Colorful Puffball by Patrick Witz


Spider Silk by Patrick Witz


Sunset Kayak by Patrick Witz


Orchid Bloom by Patrick Witz


Sunset Oak Leaf by Patrick Witz


Beautiful Butterfly by Patrick Witz


Fall Foliage by Patrick Witz